Trust a Salt Lake City Plumber to Keep Your Heater in Good Condition

Trust a Salt Lake City Plumber to Keep Your Heater in Good Condition

Skiing and winter sport enthusiasts can feel right at home in Salt Lake City, which offers several renowned ski resorts. For many locals, though, wintertime is anything but wonderful as they need to brace themselves for high heating costs. Luckily, the offers several useful tips on avoiding the chills without increasing heating bills.

Those with a furnace or other primary HVAC unit that requires regular service, have it cleaned and/or serviced for maximum efficiency and reliability over the winter months.

Check to make sure the water heater and hot water pipes are well-insulated; if not, add pipe insulation or wrap-around insulation. Turn down temperature on the water heater by 10 degrees (but no lower than 120 degrees) to save energy.

To save water and the cost of heating it, install flow-restrictors on faucets and shower heads.

Insulation and other measures can barely have any effect, however, if the water heating devices themselves are defective. Water heaters, which are some of the most used devices during wintertime, may develop troubles without warning. This is especially true if the heating equipment is in between scheduled maintenance periods. Rather than attempt DIY repairs, it would be wiser to call in a trusted Salt Lake City plumber with proven expertise in home heating concerns.


There comes a time when a water heater fails to perform its most basic task, i.e. produce enough hot water. Gas-powered water heaters are often crippled by defective gas pilot control valves, while faulty thermostats are the bane of most electric water heaters. While comprehensive DIY instructional guides can show you how to replace these faulty components, you’ll no doubt need the expertise of an experienced Salt Lake City plumber to prevent such problems from getting worse.

Harsh winter conditions in Salt Lake City, which can reach below-freezing temperatures, make it essential for water heater-equipped households to have an adequate supply of hot water. At the same time, given the expected rise in average home heating costs, locals should make an effort to boost the efficiency of their heating systems. Count on heating and plumbing specialists like ESCO Services, Inc. for the best heater repair and maintenance services.

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